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His origins weren’t extraordinary. Dublin, Ireland. That’s where it all began. Humble beginnings. Big dreams. An impenetrable will.

What defines Conor McGregor? He defies definition, yet greatness can have many. A kid from Crumlin, Dublin 12. Ireland is in his blood, and Ireland does define him. But it’s more than that. McGregor brought the heart of Ireland out of Crumlin and into the world at large. He made the world go green. He is Ireland.

Conor McGregor is many things. He is a fighter. A champion. A promoter and the event itself. There are no lights too bright, no stages too big. McGregor is the escalation of the fight game. He is a businessman. A whiskey baron. The very fashion of the day. He’s the greatest possibilities all wrapped up in a powerful left hand. He is belief. Audacity. The blueprint and the example. He is a target and a goal, as well as a craftsman.

He turns doubts into national celebrations.

And yet, there is a prophet. Mystic Mac. He calls his shots. He can crossover to boxing and captivate the world’s imagination. He is a mega payday. A red panty night. A meme of success. Confetti, champagne. Fast cars. His laugh says it’s easy, even when in real life it simply can’t be. That laugh is often the last laugh you’ll hear. Call him rags to riches. Call him trouble. Resilient. Wild and unpredictable. Call him a showman. The nickname doesn’t run from any of it. In fact, it embraces it.


Conor McGregor is all these things, but above all he is an inspiration. The kid from the “Twelve” has redefined what it means to be extraordinary.

Photos by Dave Fogarty @ginger_beard_photos

Conor McGregor x Roots of Fight - exclusively at rootsoffight.com 

The Champ @thenotoriousmma was the first in history to hold belts in two weight divisions in the UFC at the same time. His larger than life personality captured the attention of a global audience and his brilliance inside the octagon backed up his bravado and added to his mojo.

As Ali said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” And back it up indeed is what Conor did. It wasn’t just talk. He had dynamite in that left hand of his and vanquished opponents in ever inspiring new ways. A lightening quick KO of one of the P4P greats in Jose Aldo. A win over Nate Diaz at 170lbs. Then the LW belt over a tough as nails Eddie Alvarez. 

Mystic Mac wasn’t kidding when he said: “We’re not just here to take part. We’re here to take over.”  He is ready to take on more than just a fight. He is ready to take on the world.