Ilaria Urbinati x Johnny Hunt x Roots of Fight Muay Thai Collab - Copasetic Clothing Ltd. dba Roots of Fight
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Ilaria Urbinati and Johnny Hunt have stepped back into action to bring you some new Muay Thai pieces to add to our collaboration collection. Ilaria Urbinati is a fashion stylist whose clients include Rami Malek, Donald Glover, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Ben & Casey Affleck, Chris Evans, and many more. She also trains Muay Thai and boxing with Johnny Hunt - who is a former world-ranked Muay Thai fighter and martial artist who fought & trained for many years in the US, Thailand, Japan, and China. He now trains a long list of top celebrities out of Fortune Gym, Hollywood.According to legend, in 1774 Nai Khanom Tom was one of the thousands of Siamese prisoners being held by the Burmese King Mangra after the Burmese invasion in the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The king selected Nai Khanom Tom to fight against a Burmese fighter. Nai Khanom Tom won by Knock Out. The referee claimed the win not valid due to possible sorcery.The King then sent in 9 other fighters, one by one without time breaks. They were all put on the ground by the hands (and knees and elbows) of Nai Khanom Tom.

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